The TRUTH…how do you feel when your own state and local government mislead and misguide you?

…The City of San Jose comes to the realization that the Ordinance they passed was to lawful for most of the entities which are NOT either a “collective” or a “cooperative” required by state law but it has registered them to operate anyway.

Because most of these operators are simply “middle-men” who buy excess marijuana grown illegally by growers or what’s being referred to as a vendor. They have to continually seek out or accept these vendors from who knows when or how they grew the marijuana in order to continue to operate because they don’t produce their own products.

Saying that these changes being made are a good thing with the exception of delivery to needy patients is not only unacceptable but a direct violation of state law number one but also a slap in the face of federal law. The City makes NO effort to monitor these transactions to guarantee the sources aren’t black market or that there was any relationship between the dispensary and the grower prior to the grow or if the vendor just walked in the door for the first time.

The City also has NO idea where or how the marijuana was grown and even more importantly where and who the money involved in these transactions are going. The City of San Jose has created its own cartel and is only interested in two things, one is the 10% controlled substance tax levied on these unlawful businesses and their illegal “sales”‘activities.

Yes, it’s legal to tax illegal activities which is why the City has had to change their Ordinance backwards and allow illegal activities that it knows blatantly violate current state law and of course directly fly’s in the face of Uncle Sam.

I’ve seen a lot of corruption in my life but never have I seen it in this scale and from the bottom to the top. The great California cannabis conspiracy is a well worked out and thought out plan which turned “compassion” around and upside down making it into “compensation” by and for greedy government and corporate capitalist. Shame on ALL of us in the cannabis community for ever letting it get this far and shame on our lawmakers who are supposed to be protecting us rather than harming us simply for the money! more…

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