FACT CHECKING…how the media and the City of San Jose SPIN the facts and the TRUTH! (It all starts with the SOS & SBOE)

I’ll pay a $1,000 reward to anyone that can prove that I’m wrong on all accounts!

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Let me start off by asking everyone why we are so eager to FACT CHECK everything and anything Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump say but NOT the City of San Jose? If I explained to you the FACT that the lion share if not ALL of these so-called “collectives” are NOT truly “collectives” at all would you be surprised?

I invite you ALL to do some FACT checking and see for yourself and when you find out that these “good actors” are just that and I’ll explain why in a minute you’ll scratch your head and say how can this be possible and why is it happening. Let me explain the TRUTH and exactly why the City of San Jose looks the other way when an entity applied or applies to be registered and approved by them. Here’s what you’ll find, most if not ALL of these entities are everything but a true “collective” or “cooperative” which means according to current state law and the City’s own Ordinance that they are illegal entities and NOT allowed to be in the marijuana marketplace. Yes, these “good actors” with the help of the City’s own staff are walking right through the door and are allowed to operate illegally. These are corporations or llc’s NOT lawful “collectives” or “cooperatives” holding themselves out to be a lawful entity and the City knows this FACT! The only true “collective” in San Jose knows and understands the current state law and helped the City write the Ordinance in 2014. MediMarts explained to the City then and is now embroiled in a court battle with the City because the only two legal entities are formed for a specific reason and it serves a specific purpose. A “collective” and a “cooperative” are entities owned equally by each member of the association in strict accordance with SB 420 that codified Prop. 215. The reason folks is simple, when US currency and the controlled substance marijuana changes hands there can be NO TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP so that NO “SALE” occurs. You see the FACT is folks current State law does NOT specifically allow for the “sale” of a controlled substance and Federal law (CSA) expressly prohibits the “sale” of marijuana! Prop. 215 was not written nor ever intended to blatantly fly in the face of federal law but California has done just that by creating the “grey market” which is NO different from the “black market” with the exception that the state and cities are collecting a cut or share of the unlawful “sales”. Yes it’s legal to tax unlawful activities so our lawmakers used the creation of the “grey area” which they created purposefully just so they could make everyone believe that it’s okay and legal to form other entities. Why you might ask yourself would our own government do such a thing, well it’s all about the money my friends and the only way state and local governments could tax the transaction involving the controlled substance marijuana because the exchanges are illegal ones called “sales”. A true “collective” or “cooperative” has NO transfer of ownership when money and medical marijuana are exchanged thus NO “sale” of a controlled substance and NO money laundering occurs either. Anyone seeing the big picture yet and that these 16 entities operating in San Jose are nothing more than the cartel created by the City themselves simply so they themselves could “profit” from the unlawful businesses and their illegal “sale” of marijuana. So the City decided that rather than making these entities follow both state and federal law which would mean they couldn’t tax the tax exempt transactions that “collectives” and “cooperatives” make they purposefully allow and register anything but the lawful “collectives” like MediMarts. I told the City many times while helping them write their Ordinance that they will find out that NO one else operates a true closed-loop or vertically integrated operation like MediMarts does and they’d NOT be able able to tax the tax exempt process. I told them they’d have to write up a different way to collect funds from us something like we’re offering the City now in the form of a contribution or donation. Because paying a tax based on gross receipts is NO different than admitting that a “sale” occurred and a blatant violation of both state and federal law. Did they listen to us, hell NO instead they did the opposite and filed a lawsuit against the only law abiding entity (MediMarts) operating in their borders. They must have figured that it would be easier to get rid of the one entity following the laws than it would be to ask the illegal dispensaries to change their ways and produce and make everything themselves like their supposed to and what state and federal law mandate. This is the very reason why they’ve embraced these unlawful corporations and llc’s cause they didn’t want the money from marijuana to stop or go away. The City has become a crime boss and if you give them 10% of your gross receipts or “sales” they’ll gladly let you operate an illegal entity just so they can legally tax your illegal transactions! The City knows these FACTS and that MediMarts is following state law to the letter and federal law as much as possibly can be since even possessing marijuana is a federal crime and offense. So I highly urge everyone to do some FACT checking and tell me I’m wrong and when you see and know what I see and know you’ll be appalled at your own state and local governments for hiding the FACTS and the TRUTH all for the almighty dollar! The media of course is in the City’s back pocket cause they get more than half their stories everyday from these governmental entities so they SPIN these stories to make the public believe what their ALL doing is lawful. Then they use the same corrupt media to SPIN stories and make MediMarts the only lawful entity strictly following the current law out to be a bad guy because we won’t give in or give up a fight that we know we’re 100% right in. Now you ALL know the TRUTH and the FACTS in this corrupt matter and I invite anyone to prove me wrong.

P.S. The City has known about these illegal delivery operations for years now and has done nothing to STOP them. They simply want their cartel to be able to do the same delivery concept and run the others off or so they hope cause if they really wanted to do something about it they would have already.

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