The IRS is the long arm of the Federal government and they are enforcing the CSA! Read Dank Dave’s comments at the end of this article for the facts & truth….

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…I hate to say that I told you all so but this issue has become what I envisioned years ago. I’ve been dealing with the IRS and 280E for almost four years now and I predicted that once states made state law legalizing the controlled substance marijuana that the line I’m in would become longer and longer every year.

The federal spending amendment that protects us from the DEA and the DOJ will never include the IRS. The IRS is the long arm of the federal government and the most dangerous. They’ve will prosecute you civilly and if they so choose criminally as well which as I’ve said is 10 years to life in federal prison! Everyone following their state law that includes paying a “sales” tax or any tax based on the transactions involving US currency and the controlled substance marijuana is in for a very rude awakening! I’ve repeatedly explained to everyone and especially my state and local government that paying any tax related to the transactions when money and marijuana exchange hands will be the very evidence used against you in federal court and NO state or local government will protect you or even provide assistance. The IRS has just begun their “witch hunt” and the bigger you are the harder you will fall folks. It’s an easy case for them to prove you’ve been “selling” marijuana cause you’ve admitted to such when you filed your “sales” tax form and literally signed it. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel my friends and the IRS is going to use our ignorance for just following state law to prosecute thousands and thousands of us. I’ve said this hundreds of times and I’ll say it once more, “until Uncle Sam says it ok to SELL marijuana it just isn’t” it’s that plain and that damn simple! My question to ALL of you out there in the cannabis community is why we have let our own state and local governments have blatantly put our lives and livelihoods at risk without any remorse and with no repercussions? Our state and local governments are supposed to be protecting us NOT putting on an IRS firing line or our heads on a federal chopping block! Yet California and the counties and cities within keep pushing forward with this massacre by passing MCRSA and now Prop. 64 and various local Ordinances and laws trying to make us ALL believe it’s legal to “sell” and “profit” from pot. All the want is the money and they don’t care about your welfare which is evidenced when they put the cart (state law) before the horse (federal law) and expect that it won’t be a bumpy ride down the path of least resistance. Well that is until the IRS comes riding up next to you and not only takes your cart but your horse and saddle and every penny you have in your pocket. I’ve called this the reverse Robinhood effect folks and it’s how the rich steal from the hard working poor. It’s collateral damage like in every war my friends and we’re just pawns getting picked off one by one while the King (state & city’s) idely sits by and watches us get slaughtered. I truly hope that someday everyone will see the light and the writing on the wall (Rule 280E) and we can finally come together and fix this marijuana madness before too many of us lose everything we’ve worked so hard for to greedy government and capitalist corporations who don’t care one iota about you or the plant we love! Money is the root of all evil and that’s all they care about people so wake up and smell what these selfish entities are doing to you and cannabis before it’s too late and your behind federal bars for life!


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2 thoughts on “The IRS is the long arm of the Federal government and they are enforcing the CSA! Read Dank Dave’s comments at the end of this article for the facts & truth….

  1. The Internal Revenue Service is not an agency of the United States government. It is true that not only can it NOT be found in Title 31, but it is nowhere to be found in the entirety of Title 5 U.S.C.

    • The IRS can and does enforce Federal law and is NOT part of the federal spending amendment (paper shield) for the exact reasons you just pointed out. Don’t get me wrong my friend we’re all about contributing funds to governmental entities to administrate and enforce very much needed rules and regulation to a burgeoning marijuana market. However, if making and admitting to the “sale” of a controlled substance would implicate an individual or organization to blatantly violating the CSA no matter which arm of the federal government it comes from then it doesn’t make any sense. Once Uncle Sam removes cannabis from the CSA and says its lawful to “sell” and “profit” from marijuana then it simply isn’t my friend. Please contact the IRS for us ALL and tell THEM that they are NOT an agency of the US government and can’t enforce federal laws and get a response in writing and we will ALL be thankful to YOU forever more.

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