I thought for decades that legalization meant that we would all keep doing what we were doing without fear of arrest or prosecution. I failed to grasp that the powers that be would see it as just another angle [from] which to gain control and hand opportunity to the wealthiest, most ruthless, [and] most connected…
– Vivian McPeak, Executive Director, Seattle Hempfest, on the aftermath of Washington’s recreational initiative

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The IRS is the long arm of the Federal government and they are enforcing the CSA! Read Dank Dave’s comments at the end of this article for the facts & truth….

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…I hate to say that I told you all so but this issue has become what I envisioned years ago. I’ve been dealing with the IRS and 280E for almost four years now and I predicted that once states made state law legalizing the controlled substance marijuana that the line I’m in would become longer and longer every year.

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FACT CHECKING…how the media and the City of San Jose SPIN the facts and the TRUTH! (It all starts with the SOS & SBOE)

I’ll pay a $1,000 reward to anyone that can prove that I’m wrong on all accounts!

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Let me start off by asking everyone why we are so eager to FACT CHECK everything and anything Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump say but NOT the City of San Jose? If I explained to you the FACT that the lion share if not ALL of these so-called “collectives” are NOT truly “collectives” at all would you be surprised?

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When a lie gets so big it becomes believable, if everyone’s operating illegally then it becomes legitimate and lawful…really? Read Dank Dave’s comments for the TRUTH!

Dave Armstrong OCTOBER 4, 2016

Must Read!!! California State Board of Equalization knows Collectives & Cooperatives are the ONLY TWO lawful entities allowed by state law in the Marijuana Business….

SBOE Memo : September 30th, 2016

Only Sales Tax Exempt Entities (e.g.Collectives & Cooperatives) are lawful and allowed by California law.

Click on the bold line below and read the entire document. You won’t believe how and why California has turned the “Compassionate Use Act” into the “Cash in on our Use Act”!

Because NO “Sale” can occur!!! more